Dec 3rd Sally Bs 
Dec 8th Halfway house 
Dec 9th The Dashwood Arms Wycombe 
Dec 10th Farmers boy St albans 
Dec 15th Ye Old Swan 
Dec 16th private function 
Dec 22nd Misty Moon Northwood 
Dec 23rd General  Elliot Uxbridge 
Dec 24th afternoon 4pm the horns 
Watford 4pm 
Dec 24th three steps  Cowley 9.30 
Dec 31st new years eve Blackhorse Eastcote 

Jan 13th private function 

jan 16th private function 

Jan 20th private function 

Jan 21st Private Function 
Jan 26 General Elliot 

Jan 27th Kings Arms in Harefield
Feb 2nd Blackhorse Eastcote 
Feb 3rd Hayes Workingmens club 
Feb 9th Ye Old Swan 
Feb 10th Misty Moon Northwood 
Feb 17th 3 Steps cowley 
Feb  18 Private party Ruislip 
March 4 away till 15th USA on tour 
March 25th The horns Watford 

March 30th The Dolphin UXBRIDGE 
April 7th Misty Moon Northwood 

April 8th Private party 
April 13th General Elliot 

April 14th 3 wishes Edgeware 
April 21st Orpington British Legion 

April 22nd Private function
April 28th Blackhorse Greenford 
May 4th Blackhorse Eastcote 

May 5th 3 Steps Cowley
May 11th Halfway house

May 18th Ye Old Swan Burnham 
May19th Dashwood
May 20th Sally bs Hoddesdon 5pm 
May 27th Private party Uxbridge 
June 9th Misty Moon Northwood
June 10th The Horns Watford 

June 16th Hayes wmc 

June 22nd the dolphin Uxbridge 
July the 6th General Elliot 

July 7th General Elliot Uxbridge 
July 14th afternoon the Dashwood Piddington Wycombe 
July 21st 3 Steps
July 27th Crock of Gold Ruislip 
July 28th Caversham private party 
August 3rd Blackhorse Eastcote 

August 10th Ye Old Swan 

August 12 to 23rd on Holiday 
August 26th The Horns
August 31st 
Sep 1st away on tour private function 
Sep 7th The Dashwood
Sept 8th Hayes Workingmans clubv
Sept 14th Halfway House 
Sep 21st general Elliot Uxbridge 
Sept 22nd private party 
Sept 29th 3 steps
Oct private party 
Oct 6th Misty Moon 

Oct 19th The Dolphin Uxbridge 
Nov 4th Sally Bs 

Nov 10th The 3 Wishes Edgeware

Nov 16th Yer Old Swan Burham
Nov 18th The horns Watford 
Nov 23rd Halfway House

Nov 30th The Dolphin Uxbridge
Dec 1st 3 Steps
Dec 8th Blackhorse Greenford 
Dec 14th General Elliot Uxbridge 
Dec 22th The Dashwood Arms Wycombe 


About Our Venue

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Big Al and the Blistering Buicks

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These pictures were  took outside the Horns in Watford  a great venue  with  fab sound system and lighting ,we play there a few times a year and always generate a great crowd usually  a Sunday afternoon around 4pm check our gig list

ec 16th rock of gold